Price may change without notice

Luncheon Menu

11:00 am - 4:00 pm
for additional $1 with the meal, choose one Egg Roll or one cup of soup (Wonton or Egg Drop)
All Lunch Served with Pork Fried Rice

L1. Chow Mein
(Roast Pork or Chicken)
L2. Chow Mein
(Shrimp or Beef)
L3. Lo Mein
(Roast Pork or Chicken)
L4. Lo Mein
(Shrimp or Beef)
L5. Sauteed Mixed Vegetables 5.05
L6. Sweet & Sour Pork or Chicken 5.05
L7. Chicken Wings (5 pcs) 5.05
L8. Chicken with Broccoli 5.05
L9. Moo Goo Gai Pan 5.05
L10. Chicken with Cashew Nuts 5.05
spicy L11. Curry Chicken 5.05
L12. Sesame Chicken 5.55
spicy L13. General Tso's Chicken 5.55
spicy L14. Kung Pao Chicken 5.05
spicy L15. Chicken with Garlic Sauce 5.05
spicy L16. Szechuan Style Pork 5.05
spicy L17. Double Cooked Pork 5.05
L18. Roast Pork with Mixed Vegetables 5.05
L19. B.B.Q. Spare Ribs 5.55
L20. Pepper Steak 5.55
L21. Beef with Broccoli 5.55
spicy L22. Beef Szechuan Style 5.55
spicy L23. Kung Pao Shrimp 5.55
spicy L24. Curry Shrimp 5.55
L25. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce 5.55
L26. Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables 5.55
L27. Boneless Ribs 5.55
L28. Bourbon Chicken 5.05
L29. Fried Chicken (3 pcs)
w. Prok Fried Rice


Chicken Rice or Noodle Soup (S) 2.25 (L) 3.50
Wonton Egg Drop Soup (S) 2.25 (L) 3.50
Wonton Soup (S) 1.75 (L) 3.05
Egg Drop Soup (S) 1.75 (L) 3.05
spicy Hot and Sour Soup (S) 2.25 (L) 3.85
Vegetable & Bean Curd Soup (S) 2.25 (L) 3.85
Seafood Soup (for 2) 5.95
House Special Soup (for 2) 5.25
Chicken Corn Soup (for 2) 5.25
Wor Wonton Soup (for 2) 5.95


Bo Bo Platter (for 2) 11.95
Egg Roll 1.40
Spring Roll 1.40
Vegetable Roll 1.40
Fried Wonton (10 pcs) 3.55
Fried Krab Rangoon (6 pcs) 4.25
Chicken Wings (6 pcs) 4.25
Dumplings (6 pcs)
(Steamed or Pan Fried)
BBQ Spare Ribs (4 pcs) 5.55
Teriyaki Beef (4 pcs) 5.25
Boneless Ribs 5.55
Fried Donuts (10 pcs) 3.25
French Fries 2.95
Fantail Shrimp (4 pcs) 5.45

Orient Style Noodle

Singapore Style Noodle 9.25
Canton Style Noodle 9.25
Beef Chow Fun 9.25
Shredded Pork Pan Fried Noodle 11.95
Seafood Pan Fried Noodle 14.95
Beef Pan Fried Noodle 13.95

Vegetable Dish

Sauteed Broccoli 7.25
Sauteed Mixed Chinese Vegetable 7.25
spicy Broccoli with Garlic Sauce 7.25
Mu Shu Vegetable 7.95
spicy Szechuan Style Bean Curd 7.75
Buddhist Delights 7.75
spicy Eggplant with Garlic Sauce 7.75

Chow Mein (Vegetable)

Chicken or Roast Pork Chow Mein 7.25
Beef Chow Mein 8.25
Shrimp Chow Mein 8.25
Vegetable Chow Mein 7.25
House Special Chow Mein 9.25

Lo Mein (Soft Noodles)

Plain Lo Mein 6.85
Chicken or Roast Pork Lo Mein 7.25
Vegetable Lo Mein 7.25
Beef Lo Mein 7.85
Shrimp Lo Mein 7.85
House Special Lo Mein
Shrimp, chicken, roast pork

Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice (S) 4.25 (L) 6.50
Chicken Fried Rice (S) 4.55 (L) 6.65
Roast Pork Fried Rice (S) 4.55 (L) 6.65
Vegetables Fried Rice (S) 4.55 (L) 6.65
Beef Fried Rice (S) 4.95 (L) 7.75
Shrimp Fried Rice (S) 4.95 (L) 7.75
House Special Fried Rice
Shrimp, chicken, roast pork
(S) 5.15 (L) 8.25

Egg Foo Young

Roast Pork Egg Foo Young 7.25
Beef Egg Foo Young 7.85
Shrimp Egg Foo Young 7.85
Chicken Egg Foo Young 7.25
Mixed Vegetables Egg Foo Young 7.25
House Egg Foo Young 8.25


Beef with Broccoli (S) 5.55 (L) 9.25
Beef with Mushroom Slice (S) 5.55 (L) 9.25
Beef with Mixed Vegetable (S) 5.55 (L) 9.25
Pepper Steak (S) 5.55 (L) 9.25
spicy Beef with Garlic Sauce (S) 5.55 (L) 9.25
spicy Hunan Style Beef 9.25
spicy Szechuan Style Beef 9.25
spicy Spicy and Tangy Beef 9.25
Mu Shu Beef 10.95
Beef with Green Scallion and Ginger 10.95
Beef with Oyster Sauce 10.95
Beef with Snow Peas 10.95
Mongolian Beef 10.95
spicy Orange Flavored Beef 11.95
Sesame Beef 11.95


Moo Goo Gai Pan (S) 5.25 (L) 8.25
Chicken with Broccoli (S) 5.25 (L) 8.25
spicy Kung Po Chicken (S) 5.25 (L) 8.25
Chicken with Cashew Nuts (S) 5.25 (L) 8.25
spicy Chicken with Garlic Sauce (S) 5.25 (L) 8.25
spicy Curry Chicken 8.25
Sweet & Sour Chicken 8.25
spicy Szechuan Style Chicken 8.25
spicy Spicy and Tangy Chicken 8.25
spicy Hunan Style Chicken 8.25
Mu Shu Chicken 8.95
Honey Chicken 9.25
Lemon Chicken 9.25
Chicken with Snow Peas 9.25
spicy General Tso's Chicken 9.55
Sesame Chicken 9.55
spicy Orange Flavored Chicken 9.55


Roast Pork with Broccoli (S) 5.25 (L) 8.25
Roast Pork with Mushroom (S) 5.25 (L) 8.25
Roast Pork with Mixed Vegetable (S) 5.25 (L) 8.25
spicy Roast Pork with Garlic Sauce (S) 5.25 (L) 8.25
Sweet & Sour Pork 8.25
spicy Double Cooked Pork 8.25
Mu Shu Pork 8.95
spicy Szechuan Style Pork 8.25
Roast Pork with Snow Pea 9.25


Shrimp with Broccoli 10.45
spicy Shrimp with Garlic Sauce 10.45
Shrimp with Mixed Vegetable 10.45
spicy Szechuan Style Shrimp 10.45
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce 10.45
Shrimp with Cashew Nuts 10.45
spicy Kung Pao Shrimp 10.45
spicy Hunan Style Shrimp 10.45
spicy Spicy and Tangy Shrimp 10.45
Mu Shu Shrimp 10.45
spicy Scallop with Garlic Sauce 11.95
Scallop with Mixed Vegetable 11.95
Sweet & Sour Shrimp 11.95


Cantonese Style Roast Duck (half) 12.00
Pineapple Duck 12.50
Wor Shu Duck 12.50
Lemon Flavored Duck 12.50

Salt and Pepper

Salt & Pepper Seafood 14.95
Salt & Pepper Squid 12.95
Salt & Pepper Pork Rib 11.95

Health Choice

All Steamed with Sauce on the Side
Steamed Mixed Vegetable w. Chicken 8.95
Steamed Mixed Vegetable w. Shrimp 10.45
Steamed Broccoli w. Chicken 8.95
Steamed Broccoli w. Shrimp 10.45
Steamed Mixed Vegetable 7.45

Chef Recommendation

Green House Special Dish
Lobster meat, sliced chicken, roast pork, beef and shrimp stir fried with fresh Chinese vegetable in chef's special sauce.
Seafood in Bird's Nest
A combination of lobster meat, shrimp, scallops sauteed with fresh Chinese vegetables served in bird's nest.
Beef & Scallops
Tenderized beef sliced sauteed with scallops in delicious sauce.
Four Seasons
A stir fried combination of shrimp, sliced chicken, sliced beef and roast pork with Chinese vegetables.
spicy Yu Chun Triple
A combination of chicken, beef and shrimp with fresh Chinese vegetables cooked in garlic sauce.
Green House Wor Bar
Lobster meat, shrimp sliced, chicken and roasted pork cooked with fresh mixed Chinese vegetables in brown sauce, served in sizzling hot plate.
Seafood Wor Bar
Lobster meat, scallops and shrimp cooked with Chinese vegetables in chef's homemade seafood sauce, served in sizzling hot plate.


Choice of Wonton Soup or Egg Drop Soup, Served with Egg Roll and Pork Fried Rice
C1. Moo Goo Gai Pan 8.55
C2. Chicken with Cashew Nut 8.55
C3. Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork 8.55
spicy C4. Kung Po Chicken 8.55
spicy C5. General Tso's Chicken 9.85
C6. Sesame Chicken 9.85
C7. Chicken or Roast Pork Lo Mein 8.55
C8. Beef or Shrimp Chow Mein 9.85
C9. Beef with Broccoli 9.85
C10. Pepper Steak 9.85
C11. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce 9.85
C12. Shrimp with Broccoli 9.85
C13. Shrimp with Cashew Nuts 9.85
spicy C14. Kung Pao Shrimp 9.85
spicy C15. Double Cooked Pork 8.55
C16. BBQ Spare Ribs 9.85
C17. Boneless Spare Ribs 9.85
C18. Roast Pork or Chicken Egg Foo Young 8.55
C19. Honey Chicken 9.55
C20. Buorbon Chicken 9.85

New Dishes

Beef with Reserved Vegetable 10.95
Chicken with Black Bean Sauce 9.95
Beef Brisket Vegetable 12.95
Fish Mixed Vegetable 11.95
Squid with Black Bean Sauce 10.95
Chinese Sausage Fried Rice 9.95
Beef with Sha Cha Sauce 11.95
Salted Fish Chicken Fried Rice 8.95
Pork Rib w. Black Bean Sauce 11.95
Pork Chop with Sweet and Sour Sauce 11.95
Salted Fish Eggplant 10.95
Sliced Fish with Ginger and Scallion 11.95
Fried Pork Intestine 12.95
Pork Intestine w. Preserved Veg. 12.95
Minced Beef Soup 6.95
Stir Fried Noodle w. Soy Sauce 8.95
Butter Garlic Chicken 9.95
Butter Garlic Shrimp 11.95
Walnut Shrimp 11.95
Chicken with Peking Sauce 9.95
Sliced Fish with Sweet & Sour Sauce 11.95
Seafood Fried Rice 14.95
Beef Short Ribs w. Black Pepper Sauce 13.95
Shredded Pork w. Mustard Soup 6.95